February Wrap Up!

Overall I think that I did pretty good this month! So hee is my February wrap up!

The first book I read was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare


Synopsis: When Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder. much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with odd markings. this is Clarys first meeting with the shadow hunters, Warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demo so—and keeping the odd werewolves and vampires in line. it’s also her first meeting with gorgeous, golden haired Jace. Within twenty four hours Clary is pulled into Jaces world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. but why would demons be interested in an ordinary mundane like Clary? And how did she suddenly get the sight? The shadow hunters would like to know…

First of all, this book was amazing! I’m looking forward to reading more of this series, hopefully sometime soon. I found it a bit overrated in the beginning but it ended up living up to most of my expectations in the end. I love all of the characters but I think Isabelle might be my favourite with the exception of Clary… But I also really love Jace and Magnus so far! In the beginning I didn’t like Simon at all but now I’ve started to warm up to him.

There are many parts that I absolutely loved and many parts that lost my interest. I would have to rate this 4/5 stars… 


The second book I read was Don’t even think about it by Sarah Mlynowski.


Synopsis: We know what your thinking. We weren’t always like this. We used to be average New York City high school sophomores. Until our homeroom went for flu shots. Suddenly we could hear what everyone was thinking. Our friends. Our parents. Our crushes.

Since we’ve kept our freakish skill a secret, we can sit next to the class brainiac and ace our tests. We can dump our boyfriends right before ey dump us. We know what our friends really think our our jeans, our breath, our new bangs. We always know what’s coming.

Some of us will thrive. Some of us will crack. None of us will ever be the same. So stop obsessing over your ex. We’re always listening.

My friend gave this book to me for Christmas and said that she really liked it when she read it awhile ago, and that she wasn’t sure how much I’d like it. I loved the idea of the book and its story and how there’s not just one narrator but everyone narrorates it. There was a lot of drama in this book and I generally prefer fantasy books, but I’d say this is a bit more contemporary minus the fact that it’s about telepathy between a home room class… I’m glad I read this book but it’s one at I don’t think I’d re-read. I honk I would have like it better if I read it about two years ago.. 

I guess I’d have to rate is about 3/5 stars…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The third book I read was Prison boy by Sharon E. McKay.


Synopsis: From the moment Kai arrives at the orphanage, Pax is his devoted protector, though he’s still so young himself. Like most young teens Pax still enjoys children stories but is ever more curious about the secrets adults keep. When the orphanage is shut down, Pax has to grow up fast. The two boys are on their own.

Out on the street, they meet thieves, ruthless policeman, and worse. Desperate to save money for Kai’s schooling, Pax agrees to work as a bicycle boy for a mysterious man named Mister. Life is finally stable—until Mr. asked them to deliver a strangely heavy package.

This deeply moving story brings to light critically important issue—the plight of children in countries where they are systematically imprisoned and subjected to cruel punishment. This is also a story of selfless love, courage, and redemption is the face of unspeakable odds

The beginning of this book was okay… But then it just got really boring. Not very mush happened until the very end. The last 40 pages were probably the best. I wish I could say better things about this book but I just did not enjoy it. I thought the whole idea of the story was rely good but I don’t like the way it was written very much. It was kind of sad too.. The only reason I kept reading it was because it is part of the forest of reading. (see previous post) 

It pains me to say that my rating is 2/5 stars….

Rating: ⭐️⭐️

The fourth book I read was The truth commission by Susan Juby.

Synopsis: Open secrets of the heart of gossip—the things that no one is brave  or clueless enough to ask.

That is, except for Normandy Pale and her friends dusk and Neil. They are juniors at green pastures Academy of Art and applied design, and they have no fear.

They are the truth commission.

But Normandys passion for uncovering the truth is not entirely heartfelt. The truth can be dangerous especially when it involves her brilliant older sister, Keira, the creator of a best-selling graphic novel series, who has left college and come home under mysterious circumstances, and in complete silence.

Even for a truth commissioner, there are some lines that cannot be crossed…

This dryly funny, knife sharp novel, written as “narrative nonfiction” by Normandy herself, features footnotes, illustration, and a combination of a Mistery/love story that will capture readers from the first page.

Okay, so I’ve had a bid of bad luck with reading amazing books this month…. But this one was a bit better. I found the beginning to be pretty slow and boring but as the book went on it got better. Epecially once the romance started. The ending was perfect and some of the book was predictable but then some parts were very, very unexpected. All in all dismay that this was a pretty good book… I give it a 3.5/5 stars.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨


The fifth book I read was The gospel truth by Caroline Pignat.

It’s 1858, and Phoebe is a 16 year oldslave girl living on a Virginia tobacco plantation. She is a keen observer of the brutality that comes from being owned. While she understands she’s in a cage without freedom, her best friend, Shad, deceives himself that life on the plantation is good; he’s happy in his ignorance. Meanwhile Phoebe has taught herself to read, at once an advantage and a danger: slaves are not permitted such knowledge. 
When a Canadian doctor visits the plantation for bird watching, Shad and Phoebe soon realize it’s more than the birds that he is after.

Wow. I really enjoyed this book. It is narrorated by a few of the slaves, their mater, their masters wife, and their daughter, Tessa. The main narrarator is a slave name Phoebe. It is so interesting to see and feel, and know the way things were so long ago. Our world was so cruel. It this book made me very greatful to live in Canada. All in all, I ought this book was amazing and beautifully written. Definitely one of the best Red Maple books I’ve read so far. I’m going to have to give it a 4.5/5 stars…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨


The sixth book I read was Young man with camera by Emil Sher.

Synopsis: This is T— but this isn’t the whole picture of him. It doesn’t show his scars or his attraction to fire. It’s incomplete without Licy and Sean. And it leaves out Ryan , who torments T— so badly, he chooses not to use his full name.

t—’s photographs speak louder than words. But when he captures a horrific assault on camera, the attackers want to silence his pictures. Going to the pod early. Keeping the truth hidden could be worse.

Everything comes down to what matters most.

Again, this book was for Red Maple….. And I haven’t exactly had too much luck with it this year. This one was a bit better…. It took me a whole week to read it because I just couldn’t get into it but then there was a big plot twist and that got me reading. After that, I had it finished the next day… I don’t quite understand the whole point to this book and it’s not one I would normally read… It was a bit depressing but it really made you think. However, I did not like the format of it, and that author didn’t use quotation marks, just bold letters which I don’t like but it did emphasize the book. Overall I think it was a good story and the ending was pretty satisfying… I’ll give it a 3/5 stars…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️