Inside Out Book Tag!

  1. Inside flap or back cover? Too much info or not enough                           It doesn’t really matter to me if it’s the inside flap or the back cover, but I feel like there’s normally more information in the flap rather than the back cover, since they obviously want to keep the back cover neat and pretty-looking, so I guess that’s probably part of the reason. 
  2. New book : what form? Audio book, e-book, paperback, hardcover, etc…                                                                                                         Hardcovers for sure! They are way more preservable, and I just love the way they look compared to paperbacks, although I do always love a good paperback! I really don’t enjoy audio books, but I can stand e-books, but it’s a pain to have to make sure my tablet (or other devices) is charged…. Plus books smell way better!
  3. Scribble while you read. Do you like to write in your books, take notes, make comments, or keep in clean?                                                  I like to keep my books nice and clean because eventually I will donate them to a library or second-hand store, and they are just nicer when they’re clean! If I want to make comments about my book, I can always rely on the Bookstagram community to listen!
  4. Does it matter if the author is male or female? Unsure of authors gender, Uh oh, or Oh well!?                                                                                    Not at all! I don’t care one bit if the authors male or female, ouch I do find that I read a lot more female authored books, but I still enjoy books that have male authors! Unsure of the authors gender? Who cares! I’m still gonna read the book!
  5. Ever read ahead? Ever read the last page before you get there?              Yes, and I often regret it, because I get close to the end and can easily predict what’s gonna happen!
  6. Organized book shelves, or outrageous book shelves?                          I prefer organized bookshelves, but I don’t exactly have a bookshelf at the moment, due to lack of books, but not that I am gaining in the amount of books I have, my book area is getting to be messy! But I plan to make a bookshelf out of stained wood crates this summer, so that problem will eventually be fixed! Yay!
  7. Ever bought a book based on only the cover?                                            Obviously! Who hasn’t?
  8. Take it outside to read, or stay in!?                                                                I love reading outside! (Especially in autumn!) but sometimes the sun gives me headaches, so I go back inside. I normally only read outside in the autumn, due to that problem! 

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately! 😁😁😁 

I’ll try to post more often but no garauntees since I’m busy with school work lots,  ur I’ll be able to blog more when the Christmas break/holidays start!

This or That? Book Tag!

Q1. Physical book or e-book?

Definetly physical book! They smell so much better than the weird hot metal smell of ebooks! 😂

Q2. Audio or book in hand?
Book in hand! I’ve only read 1 preview of an audio book and that was twilight, although I did enjoy it, I still prefer to be reading for myself. Also reading the audio book let my mind wander too much and I couldn’t focus on the book as much!

Q3. Paperback or Hardcover? 

Hardcover for sure! They can last so much longer if you keep them in a good condition and the spine doesn’t get all those weird lines on it like paperback does! And some books have different jackets than the actually cover, and that’s always fun to find out! Plus they come with the amazing spines!

Q4. Adult or Young adult?

Young adult! I have read a couple good adult books but I find that they’re too parent ish and mature.

Q5. Series or Stand alone?

I find that series have a bigger and more detailed story, but I hate having to wait for the next book, it’s too much suspense!!! But I also think that some stand alone books are too short and need to have a second book, but ones like Eleanor and park I thought were really good stand alone books!

Q6. Random piece of paper or Bookmark?

I used to always use random pieces of paper or receipts…etc.. But now I use bookmarks a lot more, but I always ruin them quickly!

Q7. Borrow or Buy?

Buy. I like to have the book for myself, in case I lose or ruin a borrowed one, plus I like to reread some! Though I do like borrowing books, to save some money!😂📖

Q8. Breaking the spine or barely opening the book?

Ugh. I hate ruining books but I also hate not reading them! I think I have to go with ruining them over not opening the most!

Q9. Bookstore or Online?

Bookstore. They feel so magical and they always have good vibes! I could spend hours in one! Especially second hand book stores!

Q10. Fiction or Non Fiction?


Q11. Fantasy world or Real life issues?

Aren’t books supposed to be a way for you to escape reality? Not read about more real life problems?

Q12. Kindle, iPad or other?

I much rather not read through electronics, but my iPad comes in handy when I can’t find the book anywhere else.

Q13. Monster read or Short and sweet? 

I always find myself going for monster reads, they just have so much more to tell!

Q14. Starry-eyed romance or full-on action?


Q15. Curl up in a snuggle or bathe in the sunlight?

Sun and reading don’t mix well for me. I get headaches a lot. So u guess curl up in a snuggie, sounds like me…

Q16. Read the review or decide yourself?

Both, sometimes I don’t have the patience to read a review.

Q17. Zombies or Unicorns?

Zombies are so awesome, but I’d rather vampires or demontors for a dark, scary-ish creature. So unicorns.