Underrated books I recommend

In this blog I will mention five books that I have read and loved. All five of these books I have heard very little of people talking about them so I wanted to put them out there so you guys too can enjoy them just as much as I had. All of these books I have read within the past two years so I believe they are all ya or teen books.. 

The first book I’d like to mention is actually the first of a series. This series is called the Rose Gardner Mysteries and the first book is Twenty eight and a half wishes, written by Denise Grover Swank. 


The first book is about a twenty four year old girl named Rose that is a bit peculiar. She may seem an ordinary girl but rose often gets visions of something that’s going to happen in the near future to the person she is closest. Though having visions may not seem like a big deal, Rose always blurts out what she saw as soon as the vision has passed and she has no way of stopping herself. Most people in her small town—Henryetta— in Fenton county don’t mind that she’s telling them that they’re toilet will overflow or some other thing she saw in her vision, most just thinks she’s a bit odd… Rose has never seen herself in a vision before but when she sees herself dead, she starts to get worried. Instead, she finds her momma dead on the sofa when she returns home and is convinced it was supposed to be her. She’s never had a great childhood, due to the fact that her momma thought she was too unusual and would lock her in dark closets when she had visions, but the town of Henryetta is convinced that she had murdered her own mother.  After being released from her mothers care, Rose realizes she has wasted her whole life living under her momma’s rules. She makes a list of twenty eight things that she wants to accomplish before her vision comes true and she winds up dead, but some of her tasks seem just a little to hard to complete… Joe, Roses new neighbour decides to help her with her list but won’t help with number 15—Do more with a man—but she soon finds out that Joe has some secrets of his own. When Roses house is broken into and another person she knows is murdered, Rose realizes that someone thinks she has something of theirs and will do anything to get it. The only problem is, she doesn’t know what they want or who wants it but she has a few people she thinks have something to do with it—Joe included.

I loved this book so very much and would definitely read it again. I love how there is so many unexpected things mixed in with romance and mystery. All of the characters are so amazing and the series just keeps getting better and better! I just finished the latest published book last night and though it did make me shed some tears, I thought it was so amazing and there wasn’t a time that I wasn’t on edge! 

The next book I’d like to reccomend is also a series. Darkness becomes her by Kelly Keaton Is the only book I have read out of the series but I know there is three books published and one more that has a release date out… I know that the second book is called A beautiful evil but I do not know the name of the third or fourth.


Darkness becomes her is about a girl named Ari. She has teal eyes and very unusual silver hair that cannot be cut or dyed, trust me, she’s tried. Ari has always stood out, and after growing up in foster care, she’s can’t help feeling the need to find more about her birth parents and the life she would’ve had. Searching for answers only leads to one disturbing massage from her mother, Run. Though Ari has no clue what she’s running from or why, she can sense something getting closer, something dngerous. Ari decides to return to her birthplace of New 2, an oddly rebuilt city of New Orleans. New 2 is very different yet she feels as if she fits in there more than ever. Most people in New 2 are afraid of her and she can’t figure out why. Ari try’s to unravel this mystery and find more about herself and her birth world but some truths are better left unsaid.

This book did not take me very long to read and I do not mean that in a bad way, it’s was just simply too amazing to put down. There is so much more to this book than the short description I gave, there’s good and evil, many creatures and gods and Ari discovers that she is the descendant of a women that held a lot of power. The whole story is so interesting and unpredictable and there’s lots of action towards the end. I’m very much looking forward to reading the next books in the series. 

The third book I would like to reccomend is This dark endeavour by Kenneth Oppel. The sequel to this is called Such wicked intent from the Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein series. I believe that both of these books are equally amazing! 
This book is about two inseparable sixteen year old twin brothers, Victor and Konrad Frankenstein. The two brothers, their beautiful cousin Elizabeth and close friend Henry take lessons at their ancient home and spend most of their spare time fencing, horseback riding and exploring the hidden passage ways and secret rooms of their home, the palatial Frankenstein Chateau. While exploring the castle, they find themselves in a dark library that contains ancient tomes written in strange languages and filled with forbidden knowledge. Their father makes them promise to never visit the library again after finding out they had discovered it. Soon Konrad becomes very ill to the point where he could die, Victor knows that he must find a book that contains the recipe for the Elixir of life and he knows just where to find it. After breaking his promise to his father, Victor finds the recipe and seeks out an alchemist to recreate it. With friends Elizabeth and Henry, he scales highest trees in the Strumwald, dives deepest lake caves, and each sacrifices a body part—All to save their beloved friend and brother, Konrad. 

This book has a bit of romance but that is mostly carried out in the second book. I love all of the adventures they go on to save Konrad and how they risked so much. Palatial Frankenstein Chateau is definitely an amazing place to grow up in and to be able to spend your spare time dicovering every crevice of that mansion would be amazing! I also really love how the characters develop throughout the series and the love triangle in this series reminds me a lot of the Vampire diaries! Overall this book is just fantastic and I reccomend it to all ages! 

The fourth book I would like to reccomend was one that I read quite quickly because it was just that amazing! That is So in love by Caerine Clark.


This book is about a Gil named Liza and she gets a summer job at this hotel in Rhode Island and its called Tides Inn Hotel, she meets a boy named Hayden that she falls in love with from the first second she saw him. He also works for the hotel. Hayden and Liza’s relationship develops more throughout the story all while her new friend Clair is warning her about hookups and Hayden’s history with girls. Liza also knows that she shouldn’t fall in love with him for she has a boyfriend back home. Eventually Liza and her boyfriend break up and she decides to go on a date with Hayden. Hayden seems like he really loves Liza, in fact he tells her so. While Liza is head over heals for Hayden, so is Zoey, a girl that works at the same hotel. Zoey keeps sabotaging Liza and not only taking her away from Hayden but almost getting her fired. Soon the hotel manager finds out what Zoey’s doing and puts a srop to it. But Lizas still worried that Hayden will end up as a summer hookup and take advantage of her.

I thought that this book was so cute and really related to real relationships. While some characters werent as developed as i believed they could be, they were all amazing. I think the whole book was very well written and captured my attention right away. 

The fifth and final book im going to be reccomended is Snowed in by rachel Hawthorne. 


Snows in is about a girl named Ashleigh who moves with her mother to a small island in the Great Lakes. The small island they now live on is quite cold and while Asheligh doesn’t like their new location, she does like the amount of hot guys on the island.  Her new home is turning into a B&B and while her mothers working on setting it up, Ashleigh’s working on making new friends and hopefully a date. She ends up settling in quickly and making plenty of friends and meets a guy that she’s really into and she knows the feeling mutual. The only problem is his ex girlfriend is still into him. 

This book was pretty predictable so I didnt want to giveaway too much. Basically this whole book is just a cute little romance that is set in a beautiful place. I absolutely loved all of the characters, the island and all of the new activities Ashleigh learns are popular there  on that snowy island. 

I really hope you guys pick these up if you see them and enjoy them just as much as I did if not more! Thanks for reading!

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