The forest of reading.

I wanted to write a blog post about the books that I have been and will be reading for the next month and a bit. So here it is…

The forest of reading are a series of awards named after common Canadian trees… Books are nominated for each reading level/section and those books gets voted out by readers, until it comes down to the one with the he most books, which is the finalist. Each book is written by Canadian authors, and are nominated by the Canadian library association. 

The reading levels all go by grades. Here is a chart to show each level, and it’s name and logo.

  Many schools run programs associated with the forest of reading. If you read 5 of the books in your level, you get to participate in the voting for the finalist. 

At my school, if you read four of the books, you get to join in on a pizza party along with the others that too read four books of their level. If you read five, you get to vote, and if you read e most in your level, or all of them, you get an award. We have to record the amount of books and what books we have read in order to participate. Last year, we had to write summarys as well. That’s for grade seven, though. 
There aren’t many books in each level, so I read them fairly quick. Oh! I forgot to mention that you have a due date to read the books by. It normally ranges from about 1-2 months. This year, we have until the beginning of April, and we started a week into February. 

Since it is so easy to read all of the books in the a,out of time given, I have gotten the award, along with my friend for the past two years or so. Maybe it was only last year, though, I can’t remember. 

So far this year, I have read 3 of the books, and just started another, from the Red maple reading level.

If you’d like to learn more about the forest of reading, you can simply just type that into the Google search engine, and you’ll find lots of information on it, including the books that are nominated this year. 

Thanks for reading!❤️

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